Custom cakes

Smash/Mini 3-layer/4" round (Serves approximately 4-8*) Starting at $35

Small: 4-layer/6" round cake (Serves approximately 16-22*) Starting at $70 

Large: 4-layer/8" round cake (Serves approximately 24-48*) Starting at $90

Cupcakes (Starting at $30/Dozen)


*Servings vary based on how the cake is cut.  I will provide a detailed guide on cutting techniques as well as proper storage for your cake.

Vanilla/Vanilla -Vanilla cake base with a rich, smooth vanilla buttercream

Chocolate/Chocolate-rich chocolate cake base with chocolate buttercream frosting

Confetti-Confetti cake base with a sprinkle-filled vanilla buttercream frosting

Black & White-Rich chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream

Confetti Brownie-Alternating layers of chocolate chip filled brownies and confetti cake, filled with oreo buttercream

Coconut Creme-A coconut milk cake base with a homemade coconut custard filling, topped with a light and fluffy coat of whipped vanilla frosting

Cookies & Cream-rich chocolate cake with Oreo cookie vanilla buttercream

Circus-Layers of pink and white vanilla cake layered with circus animal cookie filled vanilla buttercream

S"mores-rich chocolate cake topped with a marshmallow buttercream frosting and graham cracker pie crust

Banana-Moist banana cake, gooey caramel, fresh bananas, and vanilla buttercream

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cake-Cinnamon Toast Crunch infused cake filled with maple buttercream

Amaretto Almond Cake-Amaretto Liqueur and almond flour are used to flavor this this cake.  The layers are filed with vanilla bean pastry cream and vanilla swiss meringue buttercream.  You can choose to add candied almonds within the cake or as part of the exterior decoration

Cookie Dough Cake-Homemade white and semi-sweet chocolate chip cookie dough  is added into the vanilla buttercream layers between a rich chocolate cake.  The exterior cake is also topped with cookie dough and can be customized to fit your design preference

Twinkie Cake-Just like the childhood favorite, but elevated in texture and flavor.  This cake begins with a yellow cake mix and pudding base and is filled with a marshmallow buttercream